About the server

Los Santos Cops n Robbers is made by Nightmare & denNorske. It started in May 2020 under the name RG-CnR, and is based on California CnR (by x337).

Friendly staff

Our staff is chosen based on personality traits, community experience and contribution efforts. This way, we can ensure a high quality staff that is here to help and assist you. Our community is worth nothing without the players, that is why we put you in focus.

Join us on discord

If you are a member of the server, you can join us by clicking this link.

Please note that this requires an additional verification step.

We will be on open.mp

open.mp is in the making, and is a direct, in place replacement to SA-MP. It will not change anything for you, but allow community owners to keep getting update now when SA-MP no longer is being maintained. Read more about open.mp here: https://open.mp/faq

A new, massive rehaul of LSCnR is in the making, and will be towards this summer. More information to come.